About us

Donnelly Energy is dedicated to helping small businesses, commercial facilities, and local government entities become energy efficient in the lighting, HVAC, and commercial refrigeration categories.

Based out of Wayne, N.J., our goal is to help businesses reduce their carbon emissions and overall energy costs, as well as reduce the strain on utility grids. We’re here to help you and the environment – and make it as easy and affordable to do so as possible!

A part of the Donnelly Industries family.

How can we help your business?

Energy Efficiency

Easy and affordable energy efficiency upgrades available for New Jersey businesses in the lighting, HVAC, and commercial refrigeration categories.

UV Germicidal Lighting (US)

Surface and air germicidal lighting solutions designed to help boost commercial cleaning efforts in the fight against COVID-19, offered nationwide.

Energy Rate Savings

Immediately reduce your operating costs in New Jersey (without any upfront capital) by lowering your energy supply rate through our Energy Rate Savings Program.


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