A: Unfortunately, no. We strictly handle commercial upgrades only. We recommend visiting NJcleanenergy.com/residential or checking with your local utility provider to find out more about residential programs available to you.

A: In order to go completely off grid, you would need to invest in energy storage for your facility. If you didn’t have energy storage, you would essentially only be able to use energy as its generated (when the sun was out)! Utilities offer credits when you connect your solar array to their grids, meaning the excess energy you generate (and don’t use) gets funneled to the utility and they pay you back.

A: Tax credits! There are two tax credits available for solar investments; Federal Tax Credits and the Accelerated Investment Depreciation Tax Credit. (You can learn more in our Solar section).

A: We will need a year’s worth of your energy usage (either a usage summary or copies of bills) and your address! From there we can provide you with an initial assessment and estimate.

A: Yes! For customers with New Jersey Natural Gas, 0% APR financing is available for New Jersey Clean Energy Program projects like Direct Install and NJ SmartStart projects. We also work with Graybar Financial Services® (GFS) for all energy efficiency projects, including solar.

A: Direct Install is a comprehensive program, meaning projects must have measures in both the lighting and HVACR categories in order to pass. If you are looking to do a lighting only project, NJ SmartStart Buildings is another alternative.

A: If you pay your own electric bill, then yes! It depends on your maintenance contract. We can work with you directly if you are responsible for your space, or we can work with your landlord.

A: We pre-qualify businesses (based off of their monthly energy usage) to determine the best applicable state program. We also needs to submit those bills during the application process, so it’s doing double duty!

A: Available upgrades include; Lighting (Interior and exterior), Lighting Controls, HVAC (I.E. Split System ACs, 2 to 25 ton RTUs, non-steam boilers), HVAC and HW Controls, Variable Frequency Drives, Refrigeration Motors, and Hot Water Conservation Measures (I.E. aerators).

A: They are funded by business owners like you! The “Societal Benefit Charge” on your electric and gas bills takes a small portion of your billing and pools it into the Clean Energy fund.

A: An energy assessment can take as long as it takes to walk your facility. We will quietly walk around and survey your building, with minimal disruption to regular business.

A: No! We don’t sell or provide energy, but we do provide energy efficient lighting and HVAC upgrades for commercial facilities. Donnelly Energy is a participating contractor for Direct Install from New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program™!

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