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Donnelly Energy & the NJSGA

The NJSGA and Donnelly Energy are partnering to help educate members on energy reduction strategies and develop a preferred program for providing expert assessments, on-site energy reduction practices, and best-in-market supply services to all the association’s member clubs and member-owned businesses alike.

How it works:

Donnelly Energy will analyze your business’ current electrical equipment as well as your electric usage to determine the most cost effective plan for your facility.

Next Steps:

To participate, please follow the steps listed below. You will have an opportunity to review the savings in person before any changes are made (see Step #4 below.)

1. Provide Donnelly Energy with your electric and gas utility bills in one of two ways:

  • If you do not have online access established for your utility account, scan all of your electric and gas bills for the last month and email them to dmeneses@donnellyenergy.com, along with your contact information. You can also upload them using the online form on this page.
  • If you already have online access for your utility accounts please export/download your bills and email these to dmeneses@DonnellyEnergy.com along with your contact information. You can also upload them using the online form on this page.
  • Note: For JCPL customers ONLY – Please scan and email 12 months of account bills to receive a complete annual savings analysis (JPCL limits online data to the most recent month).

2. Diana Meneses from Donnelly Energy will confirm receipt of your submission and schedule a FREE assessment of your facility.

3. A Donnelly Energy representative will do a walk-through of your business to determine the areas eligible for upgrades in the lighting, HVAC, and commercial refrigeration categories. They will also complete an analysis on your utility bills and solicit offers from qualified third party energy suppliers.

4. A Donnelly Energy representative will then set up a meeting at your business to go over their findings and share all of the best savings opportunities for your business. Should you like to move forward with our recommendations, Donnelly Energy will then present a personalized contract(s) for you to sign.

Please note that for third party energy supply contracts, the specific opportunity that Donnelly Energy shares with you at the time of your meeting is only good until the close of business on the day of your meeting. This is because electric and gas are commodities, which are traded in the public markets on a daily basis and prices are continuously influenced by various market factors such as weather and politics.

5. For energy efficiency upgrades done through a state incentive program, Donnelly Energy will  handle everything in a turn-key process proposal from submitting applications to the state, procuring materials and installing, and closing out construction permits with your township.

For third party energy supply contracts, about a week after signing you will receive one letter per account from your local utility company stating that a third party will be supplying your electric/gas. Please scan and email copies of this letter(s) to DMeneses@donnellyenergy.com as soon as you receive them.

7. Once either an energy efficiency upgrade or a third party energy supply program is implemented, you will start seeing savings!

If you would like to move forward with an energy efficiency plan through Donnelly Energy, please call Diana Meneses at 973-323-8008. Visit our blog to read more about the Donnelly Energy and NJSGA partnership.