Working with small to mid-level sized businesses throughout New Jersey is at the heart of what we do. With the pandemic, we understand and sympathize with the many businesses that are currently struggling, especially with so many shutting their doors

Keeping the current economic outlook in mind, one way your business can immediately reduce operating costs (without any upfront capital) is through our Energy Rate Savings Program. It can help add some certainty to your utility costs during these uncertain times.

Electric and gas deregulation (also known as third party energy) in New Jersey allows customers to choose from competitively priced energy suppliers, different from their local utility, to provide electric and/or gas supply at a lower cost. The local utility still provides the delivery of electricity and gas, so only the supply portion of your bill is affected.


Donnelly Energy can help lower your facility’s energy supply rate at no-cost to you, potentially saving you thousands of dollars annually.

Switching your energy supplier is completely free. All you have to do is sign up.


  • Donnelly Energy will complete a FREE analysis of your utility bills and facilitate offers from qualified third party energy suppliers.
  • Donnelly Energy will present the best rate-saving opportunities available for your facility **
  • Once you’ve selected the option that best suits you, you’ll be presented with a proposal for that rate.
  • If you decide to move forward with a program, we will provide you with a contact. About a week after the contract is signed you will receive one letter per account from your local utility company stating that a third party will be supplying your electric/gas. Savings from your new energy rate will immediately start going into effect! It’s that simple.

**Please note though that for third party energy supply contracts, the specific opportunity that Donnelly Energy shares with you at the time of your meeting is only good until the close of business on the day of your meeting. This is because electric and gas are commodities, which are traded in the public markets on a daily basis and prices are continuously influenced by various market factors such as weather and politics.