Donnelly Energy and Donnelly Construction are teaming up to provide turnkey electric vehicle charging (EVC) stations and infrastructure solutions to New Jersey customers, as a response to the state’s big goals for expanding EV adoption in an effort to improve air quality and lower carbon emissions.

Installing electric vehicle charging stations at your business may not be as easy as just buying a charging unit. Assessing a facility’s current power capabilities, parking distances, and future EVC expansion goals plays a big part in every EVC project. For some facilities, power upgrades and excavation work may be needed in order to adopt electric vehicle charging capabilities. For others, it may be simpler. Site surveys and proper planning helps to avoid any future headaches, for both client and contractor!

As trusted leaders in both the energy efficiency and construction industries, the Donnelly team is able to bring over 40+ years of general contracting experience to every electric vehicle charging installation project they do.


We will conduct a free site survey to determine where to install the different types of charging stations, current power capabilities, and any needed construction work to support EV charging station adoption.


The team at Donnelly will manage and implement the whole EV charging station project from start to finish. From initial assessment to ordering materials, any electrical and excavation work, we will do it all for you.


New Jersey’s utilities will soon be providing customers with an EV installation incentive program that would give rebates for the installation of charging stations at commercial and workplace settings.


On January 17, 2020, Governor Murphy signed S-2252 into law, which established goals and incentives for the increased use of plug-in electric vehicles in New Jersey.

The overall goal is to get more EVs on the road, expand public charging infrastructure, “electrify” fleets (state-owned vehicles and NJ Transit), and establish an EV rebate program that gives back $30 million a year over the next decade.

It was determined that electric vehicles offers a wide range of benefits, including: improved air quality, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and savings in motor vehicle operating costs for vehicle owners. Increasing the use and adoption of plug-in electric vehicles could significantly contribute towards existing state air pollution and energy goals, including the objectives of the “Global Warming Response Act,” and the State’s Energy Master Plan.


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The above are just a few examples of products Donnelly Energy can help you find when it comes to adopting electric vehicle charging stations for your facility. Donnelly has numerous relationships and options when it comes to products and if you don’t see what you’re looking for here- it doesn’t mean we can’t find it or get it. If you see something you’re interested or have questions about something you don’t see, please reach out to us and let us help you find a good, sustainable solution for your facility.