Touchdown for Energy Efficiency

October 23, 2023


Donnelly Energy is happy to announce they scored a milestone in their energy efficiency work at William Paterson University: Wightman Stadium. This LED stadium lighting upgrade is the latest play in an ongoing sustainability effort with the Wayne university through PSE&G’s Direct Install Program.

Wightman Stadium had 52 metal halide light fixtures (1500W each) that were in dire need of replacement, many having dimmed, yellowed, and even stopped working over time. 

Donnelly Energy conducted a photometric study at the stadium, which analyzed how light was leaving the fixtures and going into the surrounding area of the field.  It was determined that while the existing light poles were in good condition, William Paterson would need a one-for-one fixture replacement designed with the correct brightness and intensity, as well as spacing, in mind to better optimize lighting at their football stadium. 

View the full progress off this project on our YouTube page. Drone Footage and videos by FirstLook Service, LLC

HyLite™ LED, LLC, based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, worked with Donnelly Energy to supply 52 brand new 750W AEON™ LED Luminaires. These Luminaires have a high 95% total efficiency and have an incredibly long lifespan of over 100,000 hours that last long into the future.  These high-lumen, low-wattage lighting fixtures were specifically designed with proprietary glare-free lenses as a solution to the pitfalls of traditional sports lighting for both players and spectators alike. 

Donnelly Energy and Hylite Lighting also considered that William Paterson University televises their football game when choosing the LED lighting replacements. The AEON™ LED Luminaires have a high color rendition that shows true colors: perfect for 4K and HDTV broadcasting.

The winning combination for a football stadium! 

“Upgrading the lights at Wightman Stadium is just the latest in our efforts to make William Paterson a greener campus,” said Kevin Garvey, Associate Vice President for Administration for William Paterson University. “We are committed to sustainability and embracing New Jersey’s clean energy future, not only for our current students and faculty but for generations to come.”

Wightman Stadium's overall energy usage dropped by over 50% once the new lights were installed. They are expected to save an estimated 197,965.17 kWh annually, reducing 140 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.

Wightman Stadium also marked a huge win for Donnelly Energy, as it is their biggest stadium Direct Install upgrade to date. 

“This was an exciting project for us because we were able to do something that not only achieved energy savings but increased their aesthetics and overall visibility for night games, “said Doug Gehlbach, Director of Operations at Donnelly Energy. “As a former Alma Mater of William Paterson, this project was not only close to our office, but it was especially close to my heart. We’re always happy to help our neighbors.”

Through PSE&G’s Direct Install Program, Donnelly Energy and William Paterson University have been diligently working on upgrading campus buildings to high-efficiency lighting and HVAC systems. 

In bringing brighter and greener lighting to Wightman Stadium, Donnelly Energy and William Paterson University have not only scored a touchdown for energy efficiency but also put a spotlight on their work toward creating a more environmentally conscious campus.

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