The use of UV Light to help promote a healthier environment in a commercial building isn’t a new concept. However, as UV Lighting technology has advanced, keeping up with the most effective solutions out there has become more challenging. As a regional reseller of many proven manufacturers, Donnelly Energy is able to help businesses find the right UV-A or UV-C Lighting solution for their application – AND – get it installed!


Sometimes all you need is a smaller UV lighting solution in a specific area of your facility. Kitchens, public dining rooms, trash compactors, and other places where germs and harmful microbes like to congregate are perfect places for Spot Application Solutions of UV light. Spot Application Solutions tend to be a single smaller fixture or several smaller fixtures depending on the size of the space. They are usually aesthetically pleasing since these are the applications that are most likely to be seen by the public.


Unlike Spot Application Solutions, Whole Facility Solutions are rarely seen by the public and are much larger in scale. These solutions can be installed in a facilities water treatment or processing rooms or in the facilities main HVAC systems. Whole Facility Solutions are designed to treat the environment of the entire facility and add another layer of protection to the facilities water supply, air supply, or other environmental system on which the solution is installed.


Advancements in UV Lighting technology have made it much easier for UV light to be used in mobile applications for very specific uses. In a healthcare environment, Mobile UV Solutions can be deployed to a patient room for disinfecting after a patient has been discharged or to an operating room to help with cleaning. Other mobile solutions can be deployed at temporary security checkpoints, carried by law enforcement for forensic purposes, and more!


One of the questions that most people are asking today is, “Can UV lighting effectively inactivate the virus responsible for COVID-19?” According to the Illuminating Engineer’s Society (IES) report published April 2020, their answer is “Yes” but under certain conditions. The most effective UV lighting for inactivating viruses is UV-C lighting.

The IES committee answered the question in the report, “Yes, if the virus is directly illuminated by UV-C at the effective dose level. UV-C can play an effective role with other methods of disinfection, but it is essential to be protected to prevent UV hazards to the eyes and skin as elaborated in Section 4. UV-C should not be used to disinfect the hands.”

Although UV-C also kills bacteria, there are many considerations that facility managers and owners must have in determining which UV-C lighting solution is best for your need. Upper room, or air handling systems are the most safe and effective ways to inactivate airborne contaminants according to the IES report.

UV-A and UV-B lighting have also been tested effective in killing bacteria and are often more used in Lower room areas where continuous lighting and UV treatment is needed. While the IES report mostly focuses on the Upper room areas, there are many areas where UV and Non-UV (visible light) solutions are effective in Healthcare facilities, Pharmacies, and many other areas where bacterial infection is a high-level and expensive concern.

We have provided the April 2020 IES Report below, along with other white papers and manufacturer spec sheets. At Donnelly Energy we have a team of subject matter experts that can help guide you to the right solution. We are also product agnostic. The solution is much more important than the product. For more information about UV disinfectant lighting and which solution might be best for your facility, please fill out the form below and we will connect you with a Donnelly trusted advisor.


IES Report: Germicidal UV Lighting

White Paper: Efficacy of UV Lighting

White Paper: Hybrid Lighting & Health

Puro Disinfecting Fixture, Helo F1

Puro Disinfecting Fixture, Helo F2

Puro Sentry M4, Mobile Disinfecting Unit

GE Current Disinfecting Luminaire


The above are just a few examples of products and applications Donnelly Energy can help you find when it comes to getting UV and Germicidal lighting products. Donnelly Energy has numerous relationships and options when it comes to lighting products and if you don’t see what you’re looking for here- it doesn’t mean we can’t find it or get it. If you see something you’re interested or have questions about something you don’t see– reach out to us and let us help you find a good, sustainable solution for your facility.