Trick or Treat?

October 15, 2019

Dispelling the common misconceptions about New Jersey’s Direct Install Program.

If you have a business in Morris and Warren County, chances are you’ve met at least one of the Donnelly Energy marketing team members in the past year or so. It may have been brief, through an email, or a letter. You may have vaguely listened to them talk about a program called Direct Install and thought, “No, that sounds fake!” and passed on the opportunity.

In the spirit of Fall and Halloween, our marketing team wanted to dispel some of the common misconceptions they’ve encountered about New Jersey’s efforts in helping businesses become more energy efficiency through Direct Install.

Trick or Treat? Direct Install is an energy provider or “third party energy supplier”.

Trick! Direct Install is NOT an energy provider, but a state program to help benefit businesses.

Trick or Treat? There is no way that the state is willing to pay for me to switch my lights.

Treat! They will. And HVAC, too! Up to 70% off in most cases (and it’s upfront.)

Trick or Treat? I don’t own the building, I rent – so I can’t participate!

Trick! As long as you pay your own electric bill you can potentially qualify for the program. We can also work with your landlord/property manager’s, too!

Trick or Treat? Direct Install provides free energy assessments. What’s the catch?

Treat! There’s no catch to a Direct Install assessment. It’s free and non-committal – what you do with that information is up to you!

Trick or Treat? My fluorescent lights are OK. I’m good.

Trick! Your fluorescent lighting is wasting you money and energy. LED lighting can drastically cut your energy usage and save you money in the long run, plus they last up to 10 years or 50,000 hours.

Have any other Trick or Treats you would like us to answer? Send Marketing@donnellyenergy.com a note! For more FAQs, visit our resources page https://www.donnellyenergy.com/faq/.

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