Things are lurking…

October 22, 2018

Things are lurking in your business.

Things that work...even when you're not there.

Things that you may not notice.

Things that never sleep.

These things?


E N E R G Y   V A M P I R E S .

Energy vampires are electronics that use electricity even when they are turned off. While they may not be sucking on your blood, they are sucking up your energy usage (and your wallet).

There is no better time to “slay” these energy vampires than the Halloween season! We have a few suggestions up on our latest blog.

Search and Destroy

Step 1: Search

Identify your energy vampires. Knowing is half the battle! Common energy draining culprits include:

  • Anything that charges a battery (like cell phone chargers, laptop chargers)
  • Devices with a continuous digital clock
  • Desktop computers and related equipment (i.e. Modems and routers)
  • Larger office equipment like printers/copiers, shredders, and fax machines
  • Non-essential break room items (microwaves, coffee makers, TVs)

Step two: Destroy

Just kidding. Don’t destroy your office equipment! Rather, destroy bad “energy draining” habits.

Or better yet – a Wi-Fi enabled smart power strip or plug-in! (The Best Smart Plugs of 2018 according to PC Mag.) That way if you forgot to unplug, you have the option of doing so at home.

It’s that simple. Two steps and you’ll be on your way to becoming the office’s energy vampire slayer. You can also continue to save the day by becoming more energy efficient (learn more here).

Have a happy and safe Halloween!