June 22, 2020


This summer, Donnelly Energy is all about helping New Jersey businesses save money and energy. (Ok, we’re all about saving 24/7 but even more so this year.)

We’ve come up with 5 easy ways your business can save energy and money this season.

1. Turn off and unplug!

Turn off the lights to lower your energy use and cool your building – taking advantage of summer daylight is free and the most efficient!

If that’s not an option though, energy-efficient LED light bulbs also produce low heat and can use up to 80 percent less energy than conventional lighting. (It’s even better when your business is in New Jersey and you can upgrade to LEDs at up to 70% off through Direct Install).

Another great business practice you and your employees can do is turning off electronics at the end of the work day (i.e. computers, monitors, printers, copiers).

Turning off non-essential appliances can help conserve energy and reduce internal heat gain. An easy way to do this is by plugging said work tech into power strips, and then turning off the strips come closing time.

2. Play with the thermostats.

Work with your employees on finding the most optimal temperature for everyone, setting the temperature as high as it’s comfortably possible.

There’s a good reason you’re playing with the thermostats. The smaller the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your overall cooling bill will be. Then when your business is closed, set the thermostat to 80.

A programmable thermostat can make it easy to adjust your temperature and you can schedule adjustments, too! (Programmable thermostats are also included in the Direct Install program, FYI.)

Don’t forget to avoid placing electronics near air conditioning thermostats; they can detect the heat from the appliances and cause the ACs to run longer than necessary.

3. Go Shopping.

Electric and gas deregulation (also known as third party energy) in New Jersey allows customers to choose from competitively priced energy suppliers, different from their local utility, to provide electric and/or gas supply at a lower cost. It’s also a great way to see immediate savings on your utility bills.

Go shopping for a better energy rate for your business (or let us take care of that for you.)


When purchasing new office equipment, always look for the ENERGY STAR® logo, which promotes energy-efficient items like computers, printers, etc. that will automatically power down when there’s extensive inactivity or downtime. You can save a significant amount of energy by buying more energy efficient office equipment.

5. Clean your air conditioning units!

We often come across A/C equipment that are fairly new and fully operational, yet they are costing their owners WAY more than necessary to cool the building. Condenser coils are dirty. Filters are clogged. Economizers are stuck.

Routine maintenance on your A/C units will save you from a lot of headaches (and save you a lot of money.)

So there you have it – some of our recommendations on lowering your energy usage and saving money this season. Have a happy and safe summer, New Jersey!