Spring is Coming

March 6, 2023

Spring is coming, and we’re excited to defrost from the winter! The days are becoming longer and warmer, and there are great things to look forward to this upcoming season. 

First up: Happy Pi Day! Next week on 3.14 we plan on munching on some pizza in honor of the annual celebration of the mathematical equation Pi.

St. Patrick’s Day is also next week, and we’re looking forward to wearing green and helping New Jersey businesses go green

Next week, spring will officially be here in the Northern Hemisphere on Monday at 5:24 a.m. EDT. Every spring we always like to remind our Direct Install customers about scheduling a routine cleaning and maintenance on your HVAC system this season, to help run your units efficiently and increase their longevity. 

Spring is also a good time to re-evaluate your heating system’s performance, especially if you were noticing issues properly heating your facility during the winter. Schedule a free energy assessment  with us so we can help!

Earth Hour 2023 is also next week on Saturday, March 25th. It’s a symbolic lights-out event to raise awareness of climate change with the call to action being to simply turn off the lights from 8:30 pm local time!

Other things we’re looking forward to this season include April showers and May flowers, the Cherry Blossom Festival in Newark, and most of all: Earth Day 2023!

Enjoy the warmer weather ahead, New Jersey!