SmartStart Buildings (NJ)

NJ SmartStart Buildings from New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program™

New Construction and Additions

Renovations and Remodeling

Equipment Replacement

New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program™ offers another alternative for commercial customers ineligible to participate in Direct Install; NJ SmartStart Buildings®! SmartStart Buildings has prescriptive rebates available for individual measures that helps both existing facilities and brand new or ground up buildings become energy efficient.


All non-residential utility customers are eligible to participate and receive up to $500,000 per electric account and $500,000 per natural gas account each program year.

New Jersey Natural Gas customers can also finance their SmartStart project at 0% APR for up to 10 years through The SaveGreen Project.

Prescriptive Measures

Lighting and lighting controls, HVAC measures, Electric chillers, Gas water heating + Gas cooling and heating, Food service equipment, Variable frequency drives, Ground source heat pumps, Refrigerator doors and covers, Refrigerator / freezer motors, Refrigeration controls

Much like Direct Install, SmartStart offers prescriptive incentives in lighting, HVAC, and refrigeration. Customers must select equipment from a prequalified list and will receive a fixed incentive. If the project doesn’t fall within the prescriptive measures, it may be considered a custom measure and become a more complicated project. Donnelly Energy is here to manage the entire SmartStart process from start to finish!

How Does It Work?

Assessment and Application

Donnelly Energy can assess your property to determine the best prescriptive measures for your project and submit a detailed proposal.

Once you sign the proposal, Donnelly will complete and submit the SmartStart buildings incentive application.


If the project meets all requirements, the New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program™ will approve it and send an approval letter.

From there we will work to purchase and install all of the equipment.

Submission and Incentive

Once installed, Donnelly Energy will submit all proofs of equipment purchases, installation labor, and tax clearance to the program.

All projects are subject to a post-inspection. Once it passes inspection, the incentive is released.

Interested in learning more about SmartStart? Give us a call at 973.323.8008 or Request Information to learn more about this program.