Free Webinar on April 20th

April 5, 2021

Energy efficiency programs in New Jersey are about to undergo a big change this summer. New Jersey’s Clean Energy Programis ending their existing building programs and transitioning them to become the responsibility of individual utilities.

Donnelly Energy is hosting a free webinar breaking down the energy efficiency program transition and what that means for businesses and commercial facilities throughout the Garden State.

Join us as we walk you through why some programs like Direct Install from New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program™ is shifting to this new model, and what steps your business or facility should take leading up to (and after) this transition. We will also be holding a Q&A session to help answer any questions you may have.

To learn more about the energy efficiency program transition, visit https://njcleanenergy.com/transition.

Tuesday, April 20th | 3:00 pm | 45 min – 1 hour
Hosted by Donnelly Energy

About Donnelly Energy:

A leading energy efficiency firm based in Wayne, NJ, Donnelly Energy (donnellyenergy.com) helps utilities and small businesses take advantage of reduced upgrades to commercial lighting, heating and cooling systems, and refrigeration. As a participating contractor for Direct Install from New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program™– Donnelly Energy helps clients’ lower energy costs and their carbon footprint in an effort to help keep New Jersey Green.

About New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program (NJCEP):

NJCEP, established on January 22, 2003 in accordance with the Electric Discount and Energy Competition Act (EDECA), provides financial and other incentives to the State’s residential customers, businesses and schools that install high-efficiency or renewable energy technologies, thereby reducing energy usage, lowering customers’ energy bills and reducing environmental impacts. The program is authorized and overseen by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU), and its website is www.NJCleanEnergy.com. http://www.NJCleanEnergy.com.