Let there be light

January 19, 2021

For this month's blog, we're covering a historical event that holds significance for both New Jersey and electricity as we know it.


In 1883, the very first electric lighting system to employ overhead wires (built by Thomas Edison) began service at Roselle, New Jersey.

This milestone was an experiment for Edison, who was trying to prove that an entire community could be lit by electricity from a shared, central generating station. (He also used incandescent light bulbs, but you can't blame the guy. LEDs weren't invented yet.)

The steam generator itself was located on the north-east corner of Locust Street and West First Avenue and gave power to a store, railroad station, about forty houses, and one-hundred-fifty street lights. A time capsule and marker now stands in its place.

(Source: https://www.boroughofroselle.com/pages/about-roselle.)

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