Hello Autumn

September 23, 2020

The autumnal equinox (aka September equinox) officially arrived in New Jersey today at 9:30 AM.

During the equinox, the Sun crosses the "celestial equator" (an imaginary extension of Earth's equator but in space) heading from north to south. Days will soon start getting shorter.

But for today, day and night are roughly equal in terms of length, which is why it's called an equinox. Equinox comes from the Latin words aequus (equal) and nox (night).

After the extremely warm and record-breaking summer we all had, we think it’s safe to say that we're ready for autumn.

Here are a few things New Jerseyans should know for the upcoming season:

  • Peak fall foliage is expected to be around October 19 through the 29th. If you're looking to take in the fall foliage throughout the state, visitnj.org has a great article on the best times and places: https://www.visitnj.org/article/autumn-foliage-best-places-to-see-fall-leaves-new-jersey
  • October is Energy Action Month. (Expect to see more on this next month!)
  • The FY2021 budget for New Jersey's Clean Energy Program™ kicks in on October 1st.
  • Speaking of NJCEP: for our Direct Install customers - be sure to schedule a maintenance/cleaning on your HVAC system during the fall, to help prolong the life of your equipment and ensure optimal efficiency. If you don't remember who the HVAC installer was on your project, reach out to us at Marketing@donnellyenergy.com for help.
  • Halloween lands on a Saturday this year and is also a very special "blue moon"; a full moon on Halloween only occurs roughly once every 19 years (known as a Metonic cycle).
  • Daylight Savings Time ends on September 1st at 2:00 AM which makes Halloween weekend even more epic this year. (And offers a great opportunity for parents and kids to get some extra sleep after the holiday.)
  • Don't forget to vote on Election Day on November 3rd!
  • Thanksgiving is on November 26th this year.