FY2019 Program Changes

FY 2019 Notice of Changes

August 14, 2018

New Jersey’s Clean Energy Programhas officially announced program changes for Fiscal Year 2019, effective July 1st. As a participating contractor for Direct Install, we’re here to help you navigate these changes and make the most out of your next energy efficiency project!

In the past, Direct Install participants had to have a monthly energy usage that was UNDER 200 kW in order to qualify for the program.
(Every month, no exceptions.)

Now participants who have an average usage demand of ≤ 200 kW in a span of 1 year can qualify, opening up the program to bigger sized facilities whose energy usage may have previous exceeded this threshold.

Previously if a project did not meet the Total Resource Cost (TRC) requirement, the only solution would be to remove less cost-effective measures. 

While the TRC requirement has now increased, so has the program’s measures and payment flexibility. These two changes will improve the program's cost-effectiveness and encourage full measures to be implemented.

Click here to read the full FY2019 Notice of Changes at NJCleanEnergy.com!

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