Don’t wait to “go green”

February 12, 2021

If Punxsutawney Phil was right earlier this month, then we can expect more weeks of Winter before Spring decides to come. (Not scientifically speaking, of course. The Spring Equinox is always around March 20th.) With the onslaught of snow that we've had the past few weeks, it's safe to say that we'd like for this weather-predicting rodent to be wrong! Everyone in New Jersey probably feels the same way.

Spring is coming! With that in mind, we'd like to remind you that it's never too early for your business to "go green" through Direct Install from New Jersey's Clean Energy Program. (Even if there isn't much greenery outside to match.)

As a top-performing contractor for Direct Install, we always like to be straightforward with our customers. Direct Install takes time to participate in! Not a lot - often only a few months - but the program takes time. In the end, the savings you acquire makes it totally worth it!

From start to finish, the entire Direct Install program typically takes up to 90 days from the initial audit to the final installation. Sometimes sooner, and sometimes later depending on the lead times of equipment and materials.

Once springtime hits, businesses have approximately three months until the end of the FY2021 program year. We heavily advocate securing your current funding and pricing before June! The program and funding status can always change in July with the start of a new fiscal year. (The state/program Fiscal year ends in June 2021.)

Why wait and run the risk of losing any potential free money towards your business' energy efficiency upgrade? Especially when Direct Install covers up to 80%* off brand new lighting and HVACR equipment?

We know why you would wait: money. Money tends to be the issue - and thankfully there are financing options available to help cover your customer portion. You can read more here:

And once your Direct Install project is finished, your business will start seeing dramatically reduced energy usage and in turn, utility bills. (Return on investment can average anywhere from 1 to 3 years.)

As spring approaches, we say don't wait to participate in Direct Install. Schedule a free energy assessment today here or learn more here.

*Municipalities, Counties, K-12 school districts, Urban Enterprise Zones, Opportunity Zones, and Affordable Housing are eligible to receive up to an 80% incentive for a Direct Install project.