Donnelly Energy & NJSGA Partnership

July 22, 2019


Donnelly Energy helps businesses throughout New Jersey lower their utility rates, reduce energy consumption, and help facilities upgrade their lighting and HVAC systems with state incentives.

“Over the last few years, the issue of energy efficiency has become an important, but often confusing issue for both consumers and business owners” said Karan Raina, Vice President of Business Development for Donnelly Industries.   “We’ve been selected as a participating contractor with New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program™ to not only help simplify the narrative, but to help leverage their financial commitment to reducing energy usage across the Garden State.”    

“Donnelly Construction has been a long-time partner with the NJSGA and the contractor of choice for many of our member clubs who have completed spectacular clubhouse renovations” says Kevin Purcell, NJSGA Executive Director.  “It’s only fitting that Donnelly Energy looks to the NJSGA to help them spread the word on how they can help our members make their facilities more efficient.”

Through this multi-year partnership, the NJSGA and Donnelly Energy will help educate members on energy reduction strategies and develop a preferred program for providing expert assessments, on-site energy reduction practices, and best-in-market supply services to all the association’s member clubs and member-owned businesses alike.


A recent country club upgrade included changing all of their interior and exterior lighting to LEDs, as well as upgrading their HVAC units. What would have been a $60,000 project if the club upgraded on their own, became one that cost $18,000 thanks to incentives provided by the state of New Jersey. The best part? The club will now save over $11,000 annually thanks to this electrical upgrade.

As a pilot for Donnelly Energy’s new third party energy supply services, one country club was able to change their utility rate from $.088/kWh to $.08074/kWh, saving them over $7,000 annually.

These energy and cost reduction opportunities begin with contacting Donnelly Energy to provide your business with a FREE ENERGY ASSESSMENT, which will determine ways to help decrease your facility’s monthly operating costs either through energy efficiency upgrades and/or through third party energy supply.

“This partnership has the potential to help a wide range of NJSGA members not only operate more efficiently and save money, but to understand the important benefits of energy conservation which has immeasurable impact on the world we live in today - and the responsibility we all have to protect it for tomorrow’s generations” said Bill Frese, NJSGA President.  “That’s something we’re not only excited to help do, but extremely proud to be part of.”

To learn more about how Donnelly Energy and the NJSGA can help your business or club facilities become more energy efficient, visit our partnership page or call 973-323-8008 to review our quick start guidelines.