Boilers and Chillers

February 7, 2022

Hot off the press and cool to report: boiler and chiller retrofit upgrades now included in commercial Direct Install programs throughout New Jersey - equipment that was originally not covered or heavily incentivized in the previous rendition of the program!

Incentives on boiler and chiller equipment upgrades range high at up to 70 - 80% off, depending on the utility program. Sizing is also no longer an issue, with programs accepting nearly all-sized systems in these two categories.

This opens up huge energy efficiency upgrade opportunities for k-12 public school districts, municipalities, and industrial businesses alike.


  • You may have older boilers and/or chillers that couldn’t be upgraded in the previous rendition of the Direct Install Program.
  • Utilities are now offering 0% APR on-bill financing (most up to 5 years), meaning no out-of-pocket costs for these upgrades.
  • If not properly maintained and cleaned, boilers and chillers can quickly become inefficient and ultimately costly (thanks to higher utility bills, breakdowns and repairs).
  • Age of the units plays a major factor in their energy efficiency, just like any other equipment.

Condensing boilers typically last 15 years, while cast iron ones last longer. Water-cooled chillers can last anywhere from 20 to 30 years, while air-cooled chillers can last from 15 to 20.


Ready to finally upgrade your boiler and chiller? Schedule your assessment today or directly reach out to your Donnelly Energy representative!

Say hello to our first boiler upgrade under the new Direct Install program, installed at Hamburg School! Originally over $38k, this unit qualified for over $30k in Direct Install incentives and is estimated to save over $1900 annually in utility bills.


To participate in your utility’s Direct Install program, you must have a commercially metered facility in New Jersey that averages an annual energy usage of 200KW and under, and be in good payment standing with your utility.


Donnelly Energy is a premier energy efficiency firm dedicated to helping New Jersey businesses and local government entities “go green” and save green. With exceptional Direct Install turn-key services and utility resources, Donnelly’s mission is to offer the best and most cost-efficient upgrades that help commercial facilities in the Garden State reduce their carbon footprint and overall energy costs.

Donnelly Energy is an approved Direct Install contractor and trade ally for every public electric utility in New Jersey.