Autumn in New Jersey

September 19, 2022

Hello Autumn Equinox!

Fall will officially be here in New Jersey on Thursday at 9:04 pm EST. After enduring a brutally hot summer, we’re more than ready for the cooler days and nights ahead!

While the days are becoming shorter, we still have a lot of bright things to look forward to this upcoming season. 

September 26-30, 2022

Next week is National Clean Energy Week, a bipartisan celebration bringing together all of the movers and shakers working towards a clean energy future. The week-long effort features a digital symposium with top speakers in clean energy investment, innovation, and policies. (Free to sign up!)

We’re big supporters of National Clean Energy and a participating organization! Learn more at https://nationalcleanenergyweek.org

Speaking of clean energy, the New Jersey Clean Energy Conference is officially back! 

October Happenings

Organized by New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program™ and Rutgers University, this two-day conference is dedicated to showcasing communities and businesses alike the benefits of clean energy and the state’s Energy Master Plan (EMP). 

Team Donnelly will be there, ready to talk about all things energy efficiency, Direct Install, and the electric vehicle revolution. 

Learn more and register at https://cpe.rutgers.edu/clean-energy

October is also Energy Action Month, with Energy Efficiency Day being October 5th

Since 2012, Energy Action Month has served as a reminder of the importance of energy, environmental well-being, and sustainability throughout the country.  By becoming aware of our energy and water usage, we can work on all levels to take conservation and efficiency actions. 

The -ber Months Ahead

Every autumn we always like to remind our Direct Install customers about scheduling a routine cleaning and maintenance on your HVAC system this season, to help run your units efficiently and increase their longevity. (You want to clear out any fallen leaves especially ahead of winter!)

Other things we’re looking forward to this season:

Have a happy and safe autumn, New Jersey!