An Easy Way to Save Money This Summer

July 17, 2018

Contributed by Jared Wall.

Donnelly Energy is in the business of selling and installing new, high-efficiency lighting and HVAC equipment.

But that’s not why we’re writing today.  We’re not trying to sell anything in this message.  Instead, we’re just offering some professional, neighborly, free advice that could help you save some money on your air conditioning costs this summer.

In short - clean your A/C condenser!

We come across A/C equipment all the time that are fairly new and fully operational, yet they are costing their owners WAY more than necessary to cool the building.

In order to function at peak efficiency, the condenser coils need to be clean. Routinely, we see condensers that clearly been neglected for years, and the owners have no idea why their electric bills are so high.

Sometimes they’re even worse than dirty.

Check out these condensers we came across at one of our clients:


The coils of these condensers are actually pretty clean, but they’re buried under years of leaves and debris.  These A/C units can’t operate anywhere near their peak efficiency.

So, take this free advice from Donnelly Energy.  Go outside to take a look at your A/C condensers.  Do it right now. Stop reading and go check on these things before you need to crank them on.  Your wallet will be glad you did.

If you find that your coils are dirty, or worse - buried (like those in the picture above), dig them out and clean them off.  There are some great how-to videos on YouTube showing simple yet effective techniques on how to get your condensers clean and make sure they’re operating as efficiently as possible (see hereand here).

Stay cool this summer, and don’t go broke doing it.