FY2021 Funding

October 5, 2020

The new Fiscal Year 2021 budget and guidelines for New Jersey's Clean Energy Program™ (including Direct Install) has officially been announced, effective October 1st.

As a trusted participating contractor for Direct Install, Donnelly Energy is here to help you navigate the program and to make the most out of your FY21 energy efficiency project(s).

We're happy to report that there have been no major changes to the Direct Install program, other than more funding is available and we're ready to work! (You can read the full FY2021 notice of changes here.)

To recap:

  • Direct Install is a state-run incentive program that will pay up to 70% off of energy efficiency upgrades for eligible businesses and commercial facilities in the lighting, HVAC, and commercial refrigeration categories.
  • Municipalities, Counties, K-12 school districts, Urban Enterprise Zones, Opportunity Zones, and Affordable Housing are now eligible to receive up to an 80% incentive for a Direct Install project.
  • To be eligible for Direct Install, you must have an existing commercial and industrial facility in New Jersey with an average annual peak electric demand no greater than 200 kW (over the last 12 months), that served by a public utility that pays into the Societal Benefits Charge.
  • Click here to see the full FY2021 Program Guide for Direct Install.

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