Leading contractors and experts of the New Jersey Clean Energy Program – Direct Install.

We will lead you every step of the way to a more efficient small to medium-sized business and industrial facilities which will lead to future savings and the best part is that the New Jersey Clean Energy Program will pay up to 70% of the costs!

With Donnelly Energy leading the way, you can have your project fully installed in approximately 90 days from your first Energy Assessment.

Donnelly Energy is part of a select few Participating Contractor in New Jersey's Clean Energy Direct Install Program


What to expect in 90 days:

After we perform an Energy Assessment of your company we will provide you the results in 1-3 days. So, in less than a week you could be sending your signed Proposal to the State for Approval. Approval from the State takes 1-2 weeks. Within 60 days from Approval, we will complete installation and you will begin to save.

Dates (Approx) Description
Day 1 Energy Assessment Performed
Day 3 Results of Energy Assessment Provided
Proposal Signed by Customer Proposal Signed by Customer
Day Proposal Signed Project Submitted for State Approval
Within 1-2 weeks Approval Received from State
Within 60 days of receiving approval  Installation Completed
Day of install Begin to see savings

Why Direct Install with Donnelly Energy?

First of all, New Jersey has started the program to lessen the strain on our state’s grid. The incentives for our state going green is so important that the government created Direct Install to tackle the problem and they are willing to foot 70% of the bill! Not only is this great incentive for small to medium-sized companies to become more energy efficient while making a profit but it also helps these companies ensure they are complying to the State defined Standards and avoid paying exorbitant fines.

" We work with contractors every day, it’s part of our business being in the property management industry and the experience from start to finish working with everyone at Donnelly was nothing short of fantastic" - Lisa Morris | Asset Management |Landex

With the guidance and partnership of Donnelly Energy, this process from start to finish can be completely painless and stress-free. We’ve got the experience to make it an uncomplicated and very positive event. We work with the State, Utilities and contractors to make every business owner move into the future of greener energy efficiency with no strain on their busy work schedule or their wallet.